A delightful letter

24 March 2022Latest News Year 4

During Black History Month, pupils in Year 4 discovered Floella Benjamin’s story and were inspired by her wonderful and powerful story. We were moved to discover how she and her family were treated when they first moved to England, but we more impressed with how Floella dealt with the bullies and instead of turning to violence, she used her smile and her love as her weapons. Her powerful story inspired us to write letters to Baroness Benjamin of Beckenham in the House of Lords, where she now works.

Floella Benjamin is a very busy and important lady but it was so lovely to recently receive letters from her in response to our communication. Each person who sent a letter was responded to directly by name.

She wrote, “Their letters brought a little tear to my eye and made me smile as well. So do let the kids know I think they are very special because of the kindness they have shown me, there were all inspiring and thoughtful.”

To learn about Floella’s story click here.

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