6JT - Coldharbour Mill

Coldharbour Mill - January 2018


In Year 6 we went to Coldharbour Mill which is a wool museum. We were roleplaying Victorian children as factory workers. We had Mr Robson who was the manager of the mill/factory and Annie who was the best dyer out of the employees. The roleplay was about Annie standing up for the children’s and adults’ rights (their payment mainly) in the work place. In Annie’s group we were stacking bobbins and cleaning the boilers. In Mr Robson’s group we were sorting wool into colours and stacking more bobbins. Some of the jobs were very dangerous such as climbing 25 metres high up a chimney pushing bricks back in.

Fun fact: Children only had twenty minutes to have lunch and go to the bathroom.

After lunch we were looking at wool machinery: some are as old as 100yrs+ and the youngest was built in 1985. Some could make 16 threads of wool at once. The highest thread count a machine can make is 20. Many children had to climb under the machines to push the wool to the other people to fix the strings that broke (risking their hair getting stuck). They also made rugs and mats in specific styles and patterns one was called The Devon Coast.

Fun fact: Many girls who had long hair had to cut it in case it got caught.

By Adrianna, Charlie and Emily

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman