2LT visit Seaton Wetlands

17 June 2016Latest News Year 2

On Friday, Miss Trewick’s class spent the day at Seaton Wetlands with Penny, the Education Ranger. Despite some slightly dodgy weather at times, we had a fantastic day carrying out three activities linked to our Science topic of ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.

Activity 1 was a minibeast hunt in the long grass. Unfortunately it was too wet to use the swish nets, but instead we explored in the grass and under logs, as well as dug in the mud. We collected our creatures in small pots and then tried to identify what we had found using charts. Minibeasts found included a grasshopper, a shield bug, earthworms, a bumble bee, a dragonfly, ants and a wolf spider complete with a large egg sack!

Activity 2 was pond dipping. We each got a net to swish around in the water and we transferred any creatures into shallow trays to have a closer look. This year the pond was full of stickleback fish, but hardly any newts! Other interesting finds included water boatmen, water snails, damsel fly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs and a very large diving beetle! We also used the underwater camera kindly bought for the school by the PTA. You drop it into the water and it sends a live feed to a portable screen so we were able to see what life would be like under the surface of the water – very interesting!

Our final activity was to make a clay model of a minibeast or pond creature that we had found that day. The children collected bits of natural material and used these to make legs, wings and eyes for their creatures.

As always we had a fantastic day exploring life at the wetlands and learnt a lot to take back for our topic work at school. Seaton Wetlands put on many family experience days down at the marshes during the summer – do look out for them as it is a fantastic place to visit!

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