What people say about us...

seatonofstedlogoAt Seaton Primary we believe it is important to listen to all the people involved in making our school such a special place. We value the comments and feedback from the children, parents, governors and our local community. Here is a selection of some of the things people have said about us…

Children’s Comments

We believe it is very important that children at Seaton Primary are actively involved in their school. We hold regular council meetings and complete different questionnaires to get feedback from the children.

Ethos Statement:

We held a meeting to collect children’s thoughts to contribute to our school’s Ethos Statement.

“Even though it’s hard, it is still helping us,” Natasha (9).CIMG7853

“This school helps us to understand from the early years stages to when you are older,” Stephen (10)

S3“We are all friends together in school,” Toby (6)

“We care and love people and eat fruit and medicine” Evie (5)

“We help by planting fruit and veg which also adds to healthy living which helps us to eat fruit and veg more,” Stephen (10)

“We can go on trips to experience things better. Like the British Museum, there are statues and things and it helps us learn how things used to look,” Natasha (9).WP_20151106_028

“School helps us make friendships, relationships,” Owen (9)

“We don’t know how special we are. If we don’t have a world we won’t be able to care for people…If your teacher’s old, you have to look after them,” Billy (5)


IMG_8453“We have our wind turbine and solar panels that help provide clean energy for the school,” Thomas (10)

“School helps us with technology and things to help get a good job so you can invent stuff for the future,” Ollie (9)

School Council:

Each year group has a boy and girl representative. They feedback classroom discussions and concerns during the termly School Council Meetings. Here is a selection of some of the points being discussed;

  • Children would like more playground equipment at lunch (balls, skipping ropes, hoops etc).
  • The quiet maze area is not being used appropriately.
  • The football rota isn’t being stuck to – complaints that certain year groups were playing when it wasn’t their day.
  • Children would like a larger bike shelter.
  • Children wanted the large play equipment to be checked more regularly.

Daily Mile:

IMG_0538“I love the Daily Mile because it is a good chance to lose your weight and chat to your friends. What I think would improve the Daily Mile is that we could have longer time.”

“It’s my favourite time of the day I think its a rely good idea and it gets us fit and healthy.”

“It is the funest thing on earth!”

“It is lovely to go and talk to friends and do some exercise.”


Parent’s Comments

Open Day 2016:

Thank you for all the lovely comments received, here is a small selection to give you flavour of the parents views.

“Lovely children, fun environment, interesting work and activities…what a great school!”

“Brilliant tour guides, all classrooms welcoming, organised and above all HAPPY!”

“Great tour…enjoyed seeing the range of activities and the varied use of resources and space. School feels energised and children engaging and motivated.”

“The children’s speech and language skills were brilliant, very impressed!”

“Great tour, very informative.”

“…Year 6 children were really knowledgeable and helpful”

“It is lovely to have the chance to be a ‘fly on the wall’ and see our children in their classroom environment. The school has a really lovely vibe!”

“Superb guided tour by Year 6, a real credit to themselves and the school.”

“Seeing the new Nurture Room, what a good idea.”

Open Day 2015:

Thank you for all the lovely comments received, here is a small selection to give you flavour of the parents views.

“The children that showed us around were amazing. Very informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Every class were engaging creatively with the subject and I was very impressed.”

“Amazing! Really inspired by so many bright, happy, engaging children – you are obviously doing a fantastic job and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of school…thank you… We would like a time machine so we could come back to school and have our turn.”

” I thoroughly enjoyed Year 3 using loo rolls to turn classmates into mummies and nice to see them tidy up after. Good work kids!”

“…I wish it was like this 30 years ago!”

“The interaction between the children and the very obvious pride they have in their very special school.”

About our Website

“The school website is great. It is lovely to see what the children have been doing, especially as sometimes you don’t get much from the children at the end of the day!”

“Thank you, very informative and helpful.”

“Easy to navigate!”

“I use the website a lot while the children are on trips and I love reading the blogs and seeing all the photos.”

“The website is very child friendly and has a range of educational learning to help parents extend the learning at home.”

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