Play Leaders

Who are the Play Leaders?playleaderbadge

In September 2021, we re-launched the Play Leader Programme during lunchtimes. In the Summer term children from Year 5 worked with Colyton Grammar School and had a day of training on how to be Play Leaders when they are in Year 6.

The Play Leaders wear a royal blue jacket with play leader written on the back so they are always visible and easy to find by the staff and children.

What do the Play Leaders Do?


Each lunchtime Year 6 Play Leaders organise an activity for either KS1 or KS2 children. Any child is encouraged to join in if they need someone to play with or want to take part.

Equipment Duty:

There are also Play Leaders on equipment duty to ensure that our play equipment is being used responsibly and shared. If a child/children is considered to be using the equipment inappropriately they are warned and if they still continue the Play Leader may take the equipment away and give to another child.

The Play Leader Timetable is displayed around the school so the children know what is happening and who is on duty.




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