Ethos and Values

Seaton Primary School believes that every child is a seed for the future. It is the aim of the school, through its curriculum and teaching to nurture and care for each individual to enable them to grow, to blossom and to release their full potential in the future

In caring now, for the future, we are… (click on each one to find out more)


Caring for my education

We aim to provide the best teaching and learning at every stage of children’s primary school education. This means getting off to a good start in the EYFS class, building strong foundations in the basic skills in Key Stage 1 classes, and developing independence, interest and enthusiasm across a broad range of subjects in Key Stage 2 classes, preparing them well for their secondary school. The school caters for children of all abilities by providing Special Needs support and challenging pupils to delve deeper into their learning. Our expectations are high for all our children and our educational standards are excellent.

“Even though it’s hard, it is still helping us,” Natasha (9)

“This school helps us to understand from the early years stages to when you are older,” Stephen (10)

“We can go on trips to experience things better. Like the British Museum, there are statues and things and it helps us learn how things used to look,” Natasha (9)

Caring for my lifestyle

We care for the health and physical needs of the children by providing regular exercise, encouraging healthy eating, including free fruit for Key Stage 1 pupils, and drinking water. All children take part in the Daily Mile and we have adventurous playground equipment for all ages. We have a wide range of sporting clubs and activities and have links with local sports clubs. Through the School Sports Co-ordinator we have benefited from a wide range of extra activities and events that promote fitness and help the children to succeed. The pastoral care of the child is of paramount importance to us. The school cares for the child’s personal, social, spiritual and moral needs through assemblies and PSHE lessons. This builds self-esteem and respect for life, enabling all our pupils to look to the future with confidence.

“Playtimes give you time to relax before you push yourself on the Daily Mile,” Ollie (10)

“The school gives healthy stuff for lunchtimes, snack at break time; banana, cucumber, stuff like that,” Harvey (7)

Caring for one another

The children are taught and encouraged to live, work and play positively with each other. School and class rules, houses teams, extra-curricular clubs, residential trips and team building activities, assertive discipline, praise and encouragement all foster good relationships between pupils and staff. We want every child to be happy in school and ready to learn. We do not accept bullying or any behaviour which causes upset. Through assemblies and class discussions our ethos of care, for the future is explained and underlined so that everyone can play their part in the whole school community. We have class councillors and a head boy and head girl who meet in the school council so that all have a voice in the development of the school. Seaton Primary school provides a Pastoral Support Manager and assistant whose role includes ensuring that children are safe, happy and nurtured in difficult times. Pupils are supported in a variety of ways including small group and 1-1 activities in our specially created Nurture Room.

“School helps us make friendships, relationships,” Owen (9)

“Don’t forget Y3 and Y6, everyone in school can be friends,” Evie (5)

Caring for our community

Community resources are used to enhance the curriculum, through visits to local places, including Seaton Jurassic and Seaton Wetlands, and by inviting local experts into the school. There are good links with our federated schools, other organisations within the town of Seaton, Axe Valley and throughout East Devon. We also have good links with the local churches and welcome the local clergy into school to take assemblies. The children are encouraged to get involved in the community and play their part in local celebrations and festivals. They care about the future of their community and have already made their thoughts known about proposals for future developments.

“We care about our family,” Iona (5)

Caring for the world

We encourage pupils to be outward looking about their place in the world and the responsibility they we all have to care for it. Our wind turbine, solar panels and photo-voltaic panels (the first school in the South West to use this) reduce our carbon footprint and promote renewable technology. Through our vegetable garden and recycling, pupils become actively involved in ways to care for our planet. We are also keen to provide opportunities for pupils to embrace the world around them, to learn about other cultures, festivals and ways of life and to develop equality. National events and days are marked and celebrated, for example UN Global Goals, World Autism Awareness week and Sign2Sing, involving pupils in the wider world in which we live.

“We help by planting fruit and veg which also adds to healthy living which helps us to eat fruit and veg more,” Stephen (10)

“We have our wind turbine and solar panels that help provide clean energy for the school,” Thomas (10)

“On an event like Jeans 4 Genes, we bring in 50p and it rounds up to a big amount and we give it to people who have problems, like Sign2Sing.” Ollie (10), Antonia (9) and Natasha (9)

Caring for those in need

We have been very generous over the years in raising money for a variety of charities. This has involved staff, the children and their parents giving of their time and money, putting on events and going the extra mile to support those in need. We believe this develops empathy and understanding in the children, enabling them to be caring and compassionate in their thinking and their actions.

“At the moment, Year 6 are making a special pasta dish. All the money we raise we will give to the International Red Cross,” Thomas (10)

“You care about everyone and in the future you should care about the poorly children, but luckily we are giving them some presents with hats and scarves because it is getting colder and turning into winter,” Evie (5)

Caring for the future

In caring now, for the future, we look to equip pupils with the skills and attitudes to cope in the ever-changing world in which we live. Activities throughout the curriculum promote digital literacy and computational thinking to help pupils thrive with developments in new technology and have the ability to use a range of information technology purposefully. We aim to prepare our pupils to be able to make a positive contribution to the future of their own lives but also to the future of our country and our world.

“We will be updated with the world, you get special equipment that helps us learn,” Thomas (10)

“School helps us with technology and things to help get a good job so you can invent stuff for the future,” Ollie (9)

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