Building Learning Power

BLPlogo3For the past 5 years at Seaton Primary School, we have promoted Building Learning Powers through our Woodland Friends; Webster the spider, Spira the snail, Odin the owl, Cadno the fox and Buddy the bee. Each woodland creature represents a particular learning quality, including; making connections, keeping going, seeing the bigger picture, curiosity and teamwork. The aim is to encourage children to be more reflective on their learning and understand how they learn as individuals. Over the course of the year the children are encouraged to try and be like one of our woodland creatures in their daily school activities. Children are rewarded for demonstrating learning qualities with stickers and certificates to recognise their achievements.


Our classrooms have a Building Learning Power display to encourage the children to try different learning qualities to help them become more reflective and better lifelong learners.

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman