sign2sing 2018

sign2sing is an annual event, organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth, which raises essential funds to help vulnerable deaf children and adults. Within assemblies, we have started practising the new sign2sing song ‘Friends Forever’ in preparation for performing on Thursday 8th February. On Thursday we will be asking for a voluntary donation of 50p (or more) to show your support for the deaf health charity Sign Health. We will be encouraging the children to learn the song and sign in school and at home. Please see the blog on the school website for more information about sign2sing and a step by step video teaching us how to sing and sign the song.

Imagine living in a world where you cannot communicate with the people around you, from your doctor to someone in a shop. That’s what the world is like for many deaf people. Deaf people can often feel isolated, unable to access information and advice that can help them live happy and healthy lives.  Something hearing people take for granted. sign2sing helps fund projects that improve the lives of vulnerable deaf children and adults by helping them access help and advice on the things that matter to them in their own language – Sign Language.


Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman