In Year 3 we have been learning about rocks and soils in Science this term so to help us understand more about how fossils were made we visited Charmouth Heritage Centre and beach and became fossil hunters! We watched a short film about our amazing coastline and the type of rocks and fossils we can find in this part of the world then the staff at the Heritage Centre worked with the children to help them understand about what those fossils might look like on the beach and how to look out for them.

The centre’s experts then lead us along the beach to a great spot for finding fossils and we did some fossil hunting of our own.  The experts were on hand to help us identify the different fossils and explain how they had been made. The children really enjoyed searching between the pebbles and collecting ammonites, belemnites and fools’ gold!

We had our lunch and a play on the beach then made our way back to school with our treasure.

As always our Year 3 children behaved impeccably, so well done for everyone who made it a really fun day!

Designed & developed by Hambly Freeman