Reading Challenge

Each year group has been given a selection of at least 15 Reading Challenge Books, kindly funded by Seaton Lions Club and Seaton Primary School PTA. They have been specifically chosen to help children explore books written by a number of different authors, including stories from other cultures, historical and traditional tales, as well as some non-fiction texts. A number of the books have won awards or have been recommended by other teachers, book shops or educational forums.

Children are encouraged to read the books themselves, to parents/siblings/other family members, or be read to. Some of the books may be challenging for some children, so they may need a little help from you to allow them to enter the incredible stories and be exposed to the wonderful language. The books are intended to be read alongside their reading stage or library stage books to help develop their reading age and love of books.

The year group Reading Challenge books come with a selection of certificates for the children to aim towards. Each year, children will gain a certificate for reading the following:

  • 4 books from the Reading Challenge   – Bronze Award
  • 7 books from the Reading Challenge   – Silver Award
  • 10 books from the Reading Challenge – Gold Award

All of the year group specific Reading Challenge books will be available in the classroom and can be taken home using the library scanner. Each child will also soon have a book mark with the various book titles on, ready to be ticked off and signed once they have been read.

Read the latest reading reviews, written by children at Seaton Primary, in the blog below.

Reading Challenge Book Lists

Animated Audio Books, Reading Recommendations & Famous Storytellers


Book Corner Blog

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