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 Welcome to Year 4’s Class Page!

In Year 4 our aim is  to encourage children to become more independent and pro-active learners. We believe that they should begin to use their initiative to drive their own educational development, to better prepare them for Years 5 & 6.  

Please explore our blog for information and pictures giving you an insight into all the exciting activities we get up to this year.


Class Blog

“We only have one planet. We have nowhere else to go. If we use our creative powers properly we don’t need anywhere else. If we take care of it, and each other, everything we need is right here” Sir Ken Robinson Along with many other schools around Britain and around the world, Key Stage 2 pupils were asked today to come up with one idea to change the world.
2 October 2015
Year 3/4 took part in a cross-country competition at Colyton Grammar School
1 October 2015
We have changed the British Museum meeting to Wednesday 7th October at 3:30pm in Mr Delfosse's classroom.
30 September 2015
A selection of newspaper reports written from different perspectives; either as a Seaton pupil or ancient Greek citizen.
29 September 2015
Meeting for pupils and parents about visiting the British Museum in London
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